Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hi Folks....Sorry I have been missing for so long. The summer went smoothly. Ryan is back up at college.

I have had some medical issues and my doctor finally decided something had to be done. I had a full abdominal hysterectomy on 10/11. I'm sore and a bit wobbly but I feel a little better with each day.

I've just been doing knitting on small items. I have started a sweater for Steve so he will quit hounding me. It's so boring! All that stockinette! I'm going to throw a couple of cables on the front just so I will have something interesting to knit.

I've sent out 5 or 6 fleeces to the processor to be cleaned and made into roving and some into yarn. I finally came to the conclusion that I didn't have the strength to wash and process them all myself. I won't have them back till winter but that will give me time to get the bunny barn cleared out and make some room in there.

Bunnies are good. We did have a scare last month with Ruby with flystrike. I caught it at the very begining and with a good shave at the vet and some ointment, she is doing fine. All of the bunnies need to be shaved. Now that the weather is getting cooler and I am home from work for a while, I hope to get that done before winter. They have some knots in their fur that need to get cut out.

I haven't really done much else fiber wise as I was feeling so poorly for so long. Our website is back up. Louet just had price increases effective 10/15. I desparately need to order some new items but right now my priority is to get my strength back.

If I owe anyone an email, please contact me again. I lost about 200 emails from the PC a few weeks back. Thanks.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ply and Boil

I've been extremely tired and achy for the past few weeks. No amount of sleep seems to revive me. I start my new fibromyalgia medication next Friday and I can't wait!

I've been a plying fool here. Every evening after dinner, I try to get a skein plied. I never realized how many single ply skeins I had scattered throughout this house. I've been gathering them to ply and boil.

That is my new procedure. Ply and Boil. I love bright colors and I tend to lean towards them when I purchase roving or fiber to spin. The problem I have noticed is that many vendors either in haste or ignorance do not set the dye. When I would wash the skein to set the twist, the colors bled profusely. I've even had some fiber that would dye my fingers while I was spinning it. That really frosts my cake! So my new ritual is instead of just washing a skein, I boil it. I set up my old crock pots*, wet the skein and put it in the pot with a little wool wash and vinegar. Set the pot on low and go to bed for the night.

In the morning, the HOUSE STINKS! What with the usual animal stink, the fragrance of wet wool and vinegar really wakes you up in the morning. But in the crock pot the wool will be hot and the water clear. All of the dye has been absorbed. I let the skein cool down on it's own as I don't want to agitate it and have it felt. Once cool, I'll wash it again to be rid of the vinegar smell and hang it out to dry.

Bunnies are good. I clipped Ruby and Eloise a bit this past week. It has been really warm some days and even with the fans and AC in the bunny barn, they were uncomfortable. Eloise hadn't molted yet so I didn't get a good length on her fur. Ruby seem ready. I didn't take it down to the skin as some breeders do. I just can't seem to do that. I clipped Isadora's face and a few knots. She freaked out as it was her first encounter with the clippers.

Then there is Henry. Henry has always been a little spitfire. He kicks. He bites, He scratches. He thumps. And we discovered, he chews his fur. Henry was and still is a mess with his coat. He is horribly matted. The mats on his back were actually FELTED. He chews and chews on it. Steve and I got a good portion of his back shaved and we had to go to the skin to do it. But his chest and belly have to be done still and he is having no part of that.

So I made an appointment for him at the vet. He has to go in on Monday night for a well bunny exam and an assessment of the situation. If he gets the okay, I will be taking him in for a sedated thorough shave AND he will be neutered. I think the neutering will help to improve his disposition. I'm just hoping the vet doesn't think he has been neglected and calls the authorities on me!
The other buns will get a knot or small mat here or there on the coats, but Henry was the worst I have ever seen. I feel terribly guilty about it, but he is a terror and I have the scars to prove it.

Ryan has been working steady and usually doesn't get home until later in the evening. He put in a 12 hour day this past week. We finally got to view his grades from the last semester and they were NOT good. We are going over to meet with GK this morning to discuss his future. GK wants him to transfer to a local school, since, as he put it," the kid is wasting money". I think there is a deeper problem and I was afraid it might be drugs. But as usual with GK, it all comes down to money. I dread this meeting. I haven't seen my GK, my ex, in well over a year and that is the way I like it.

Even though it costs us more money, I want Ryan to graduate from Plymouth. It's a good school and he can and will learn a lot. He just seems to have had a very bad semester. He will have to take a heavier load now to make up his failures, but I think he has learned his lesson. The Fs seem to have been a total surprise for him.

What with Steve being sick and all these past 6 months, I hadn't kept in as close contact with Ryan as I had in the past. He was more on his own. I didn't drive up there to check on him. Or take him to dinner or just to visit. I only went up for Spring Break. I think he needs us to make an appearance on a more regular basis to keep him focused.

Ryan has always been a quiet and sensitive kid. He thinks and wonders about everything in the universe. Where as GK, his father, is a very shallow person only concerned with keeping up appearances for the neighbors etc. The money spent for the college appears to be his major concern. As he said to me, "no use throwing good money after bad....."

Keep your fingers crossed that this meeting goes well.

* I have two old crock pots from the 1970s(one is poppy red color!) that I use for fiber and dyeing. They work great and can usually be found at a yard sale very cheap.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

It's been way too long since I have been here. I haven't been feeling all that well and I have finally come to realize that it's probably due to the fact that I came off of my pain medicine in early May. I was diagnosed back in 1999 with Fibromyalgia. It's a controversial disorder that causes joint and muscle pain (layman's term for it is arthritis of the muscles), memory loss, disorientation, fatigue and numerous other symptoms. Some medical professional don't believe it even exists. That is a mental manifestation--the pain is in your head! I had been taking part in a clinical study of a new medicine for it. The study ended in May. I hadn't realized how much the medicine must have been helping, because I really ache now. Even Steve has commented that my mood is miserable. Good news is that I have just signed on to start another study with a different drug. I won't receive the medicine for several more weeks though so I have to tough it out till then.

Steve is still the same. Damn fool started smoking again. He won't stop till he ends up in the hospital for a month. I'm so angry with him. He's killing himself and all I can do is watch.

We finally got our website back up and running last weekend. Sorry for the delay. We were really behind in doing the inventory. When we finally did it, it took all day Sunday. I still have some holes in the products that I need to fill, but all in good time. I've decided to no longer carry the Gaywool Dyes. The are expensive for me and they don't move. Honestly folks, there are more places out there to get quality dye at a reasonable price. I only have 4 or 5 Gaywools left and I'm just going to keep them for myself.

We stayed home over vacation. Steve worked very hard insulating and sheet rocking the bunny barn. It's amazing what a difference it makes in there. He also had the propane heater installed and inspected. We won't have frosty buns this winter.

I can't even remember what I did on vacation. I know I planted tons of flowers in our containers. I usually plant in containers as we have a lot of moles in the yard. I picked a few fleeces from a local farm. The wife is mother to a young man that went to school in town here with Ryan and Ryanne. She doesn't spin, but she couldn't just throw out the wool. She gave it all to me for free with the promise that I must dye some of it red and make her a scarf. The fleeces are filthy and need to be shirted still. I'm thinking to send them out for processing to save myself all of that work of cleaning them. I really can't remember what I did every day, but I know I was always busy.
I finished Kathy's socks. I ended up over dyeing them with Easter egg dye as the dye lots of the skeins were different and there was a noticeable line of color change on them. I refer to them now as her mottled plum colored socks.

I still need to finish straightening out the bunny barn this weekend. I already cleaned all the cages this morning. Ms. Eloise is in the house here with us. Her cage requires that I take her out to clean it. Rather than leaving her out there when she can get into trouble, I brought her in here. The dog and cats are keeping an eye on her for me. Don't worry, they won't hurt her. She lived in the house until last year so they are all used to each other. Besides she is about the same size as the cats and I think they are afraid of her.

So I traveled up to Cummington on Memorial Day weekend to attend the MA Sheep Show. I love that little show. Everything is so compact and easy to shop. It's not as spread out as the NH show and it's only about a 2 hour ride from here. I was good in a fiber sense in that I only bought sock yarn. I always buy sock yarn. It's my default fiber purchase. But I was very bad in other ways. Louise was there. You remember Louise, don't you? Louise the rabbit breeder from the CT Show?

Here is Steve with 6 week old Madeleine. She is an English Angora, like Ms. Eliose. She will molt and then I can comb out her fur. Yes, that 9 rabbits now. She was actually too young to go home with me, but Louise felt I could take care of her. Anyone else wanting her bunnies, could purchase them but could not take them home for 2 weeks. Maddy was the size of a hamster or Guinea pig. In our herd of bunnies, we now have 2 English, a German (Ruby), 2 Satins (George & Henry), 3 Giants (Isadora, Tess and Gillian) and a mixed German, English and Satin (Nigel)

Since it is miserable outside, much too hot, sticky and now rainy, I won't be finishing the garden today. It's a good day to stay in the AC and maybe spin or knit. I can't wash fleeces as they won't dry with all this dampness. I could shave bunnies, but that would take an effort on my part, Perhaps, clean the house? Never.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I decided at the last minute to spend the weekend in NH for the Sheep Show. I got a room up in Plymouth for Friday and Saturday night. At least if I stay up in Plymouth, I can also check in on Ryan too. Next week is his final exams and we have to drive back up on Friday to bring him home. I know it's a 30-45 minute drive on Rte 93 from Plymouth to Concord and then about another 15-20 over to the fairgrounds. That's not too bad.

Very tired this morning. I didn't get home from work until almost 8:00 last night. Steve have been working a ton of OT too since the CT show. That is the reason our business website is still down. We haven't has time to finish the inventory. We both start on a much needed vacation on 5/18, so it will be up at least during that week.

Also, my order of Brittany orders was never received by the distributor so I had to reorder this week. I 'm sure I also need to fill some holes in the Louet inventory too.

Gotta go get packed as I'm leaving right from work. Play nice. Maybe I'll see you there! Debi

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Flooding is receding and almost gone on the CT River. It's still a bit high in Middletown, but that is to be expected with the Spring melt up north.

Last weekend was the annual CT Sheep Breeders Sheep & Wool Festival up in Vernon CT. We decided to be vendors in the beginning of April so it was a hustle to get everything ready. My order of Brittany Needles didn't arrive in time (they're STILL not here!) I called them and left a message, however I have not heard back from them. Anyway, I had enough of other products to keep the crowd happy.

Knitters are maturing. They no longer want the Boucle or novelty yarns. They have progressed to real wool and they are knitting real garments. Can I have an AMEN? I'm so glad the....."novelty" of novelty yarn has passed. It kinda reminded me of the Disco phase back in the '80's--it was fun, exciting, but honestly, how long could we keep up with it? My feeling is that novelty yarn should be used like spices in cooking. A little bit is interesting and flavorful and can enhance a meal. A lot can result in a trip to the Emergency room.

Anyway, this year the sales focused around yarn and knitting needles. We didn't sell as much fiber as we had last year. We decided to drop our prices and even them out for ease of payment. We are also absorbing the CT Sales tax. It was just easier to have someone hand me a $20 bill for a couple of skeins of yarn.

I was a good girl and did not shop much. I couldn't. We were too busy! I managed to snag a couple fleeces. One is a Shetland, the other a Cormo Cross. I had wanted the Cormo Cross but there were two ladies standing in front of it discussing and feeling the fiber. I waited. And waited. I walked up to the checkout table, told the fleece cashiers that I had my eye on the Cormo Cross. They looked at the ladies, who by now had just turned their back to the fleece, yet were still talking. The fleece cashier, slipped over behind the table and SNAGGED it for me! We were of like-minds in fiber. The two ladies never knew what happened. Sorry folks. This is business. You snooze, you lose. Remember in fleece sales, if you even have a slight feeling that you want a fleece, grab it and hold it until you are certain you do or don't want it. Fleece sales can be like the big sale day at Filenes's basement.

I also purchased several bars of wonderful soaps at
Glastonbury Glassworks table. I love Scott's handmade buttons, but I must find a cardigan pattern that I want to knit before I decide on the buttons. On a side note, I did just purchase Bonne Marie's pattern for CeCe. I'm thinking of knitting it in a light cotton or fingering weight wool yarn.

I also bought some absolutely wonderful cordless clippers to shear the bunnies. I can't think of the man's name that was selling them, but he is at every show. He is the man with the big trailer and all of the harnesses, ointments and clippers for farm animals. The clippers run through the fine angora like a hot knife through butter. I can't say enough wonderful things about them! They were not as expensive as some (only $139). The vendor told me to but this pair as he also has rabbits and uses them. I love honest vendors.

Finally, my big/little purchase of the day.

Meet the three sisters.

I'm a sucker for tiny, fluffy critters. I left my leg and foot in the photo to give you all an idea of their (the bunnies not my legs!) size. They are about the size of Guinea pigs right now. You all know that I have been searching for a black Angora. The local rabbit rescue societies would not let me adopt as I "am a fiber person". I think that is equivalent to serial killer in their minds.

So, what's a bunny lover to do? Set up right next to us was Louise. Louise was the breeder up at the MA Sheep Show that I purchased George (formerly know as Loretta) and Henry from last year. She had Satin & Giant babies, but only 1 black bunny and she is a Giant Angora. That is a breed. They can get to be 12 pounds. Our cats weigh about 6 or 7 pounds. Our dog weighs 25 pounds. You get the idea. Big BUNZ.

I picked up and snuggled with the little black doe, promptly naming her Gillian. But she seemed scared and lonely. I thought well how about I get another to keep her company. I next grabbed the gray (color called chinchilla) bunny and called her Tess. Louise, the every wise breeder said to me, "if you buy a third one, I'll give you a discount.." She was already giving me a break in the price because of the whole Loretta/George issue. A BUNNY SALE! How could I resist? I finally picked out the cream (Ermine colored) bunny but waited for a name to come to me.

I put them all in a large box in our trailer to sleep out the remainder of the show. The name of the ermine colored doe became apparent to me during the afternoon. She continually attempted to jump and climb out of the box. Her name is Isadora (Dora) Duncan Bunz. She is flamboyant, excited and full of energy, just as her human namesake was reported to be. So, our rabbit names are:

Eloise Edna, Ruby Gretchen (a big German girl!), Henry Alexander, George Spencer, Nigel Farnsworth and the little girls are:

Gillian Mae, Tess Louise (aka Contessa or Tessie Lou) and Isadora Duncan Bunz. Yes, all of our animal must have middle names. Steve finds the "Duncan Bunz" part of the name amusing. Three baby bunnies plus the five already at home. Eight bunnies.

I think I need an intervention.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

April 21, 2007

We survived the flooding without building an ark. There are roads in the state that are still underwater and closed. Over the past week to 10 days, parts of CT have had over 7" of rain. The CT river is nearly as high as it was back in the 1984 when we had severe flooding.

But the sun came out yesterday and it was warm! High in the 60's F and today or tomorrow may reach 70 degrees F! Of course at the moment everything is covered in the overnight frost as it is only about 30 degrees F out there.

It's going to be another quiet weekend here of bunny and my regular chores. I haven't been feeling well lately and I have a feeling I know what the problem is. I don't want to mention it until I know for sure. I have to have blood work done next week for it.

Play nice while I'm gone.

April 08, 2007

After I fed the bunnies this morning, Bailey and I took a walk down to the pond and around the roads in the gravel pit. It was very cold and windy in that open area. We've been back home for about 30 minutes, and my cheeks are still burning from the cold.

I did my best to keep her clean and out of the woods. Steve gets very upset if his precious Cocker Spaniel gets dirty. Her paws are slightly muddy as she insisted on a drink of pond water. A pair of Canada geese are nesting in some greens about 30 feet from the shore of the pond. They should be safe from predators out there. Bailey did her usual "BRUFF BRUFF!" at them. She's sound asleep already.

I finally sent in the payment for space at the CT Sheep Show. It's on the 28th of this month up in Vernon. I hope we can still get a spot. I had been waiting to see how Dennis was with his health. It's a long, cold day and it will be just the 2 of us again. We have to do all the packing and unpacking for it. We had hoped that Ryanne could help us, but she is going on vacation with her parents that week. Any volunteers out there to help? It's easier with a third person so we can take turns, go to the bathroom, eat lunch etc. Do the little things like that.

I placed a HUGE order with Louet this week. I had been slacking off because money was tight and I was concerned with Steve and his health issues. Our inventory is very low, so I really needed to order just for general business purposes. I also want to get more Denise and Brittany needles in stock too. I don't think I'll be ordering any more of the Bartlett yarns. They don't seem to be popular. I'd like to bring in a new line, but I'm not sure what to order. I still have trouble with many companies as they do not support an Internet based business. They demand a "brick and mortar" business. I suppose I could claim the bunny barn as my retail space.

We can't do our grocery shopping today as our usual store is closed for Easter. I hadn't thought of that. We really don't need much. We have enough greens for the buns for a few more days. We did make our trip to the feed store yesterday. It's a good thing we did as they are closed today also. It was absolutely packed yesterday! Why? It was chick day. They get their annual shipment of baby chicks for sale. There was a line to get in the door of the store. Kids running around screaming. Yuppie parents hanging out, drinking their lattes. Absolutely nuts. These are people that normally would never set foot in a feed store unless they sold designer clothing. They were all buying up the baby chicks because living in the country, having chickens and fresh eggs is just so quaint. Poor chicks. I wonder how many will be dead before the end of the month?

It' starting to cloud up outside. It's cold enough to snow or a have a very cold rain today. We'll be staying home. We don't have much family left to visit on holidays. Father-in-law LP is going over a relative's house for dinner. It's a short drive for him. We used to have him come down here, but he gets lost and easily confused. He would worry for days about driving here by himself. We are only about 20 miles away from him, but to him it might as be 200 miles.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

On Thursday this week it was nearly 70 degrees F. All of the piles of ice and snow had melted, even the driveway glacier was gone. We had mud and muck everywhere. The Spring birds were twittering in the trees. There was the smell of manure from farm up the street as the farmer spread it on his fields. Not always a pleasant smell, but we are far enough away that we just get a scent of it when the wind changes. I haven't heard the peeper frogs in the pond yet, All this activity are signs that Spring is just around the corner. Until yesterday.

We had a freakin' Nor'easter slam into our area starting early yesterday morning. The snow started here around 5:00am. I had taken the day off because I had to drive to NH to pick up Ryan at college for Spring break. It wasn't snowing beyond our little town, the storm was more to the east. I had a dry and quiet ride once I got to Glastonbury. Our usual route to the college is up Rte 2 in CT to Hartford and then get on Interstate 91 north. That takes us across the width of Massachusetts and up Vermont. Just before White River Junction, we cross the CT river into NH. The rest of the trip, about 40 miles is mostly back roads. On the trip home, it started snowing between exit 6 and 7 of the highway in VT. That meant we had to travel all of MA and CT in the bad weather. I picked up Ryan and his mountain of laundry up around 11:30 and we started the trek home. We made a quick stop for lunch in Lebanon NH, then continued the trip. We saw 10 accidents and/or cars off the road in MA. Another 6 accidents in CT.

When we got to Hartford, the precipitation was so heavy that we could not see the buildings in the city from the highway. Anyone from this area knows that the highway is a mere block away from the buildings downtown. It was a white-out condition. Around Hartford the snow changed into sleet. We didn't arrive home until almost 6:00pm. Subtracting the time for lunch, it was about a 5 and half hour trip home after a 4 hour trip up there. Do I have to tell you how tired I was last night? I did all of the driving. Steve had to stay home as it was Friday and he was working. I could have had Ryan drive, but I didn't think that would be less stressful for me than doing the actual driving myself. My hands last evening were in a stiff and curled state from holding the steering wheel of the car for that many hours (I have Carpal Tunnel and permanent nerve damage in both of them). No knitting or spinning was possible. I took 3 Ibuprofen at bedtime and they are better this morning.

Steve was just out shoveling a little bit. He gets extremely winded, but the doctor told him to exercise a little. He shovels about 20 feet than stops. He's resting on the couch now.

Ryan is asleep and I imagine he will be for a few more hours. At my insistence last night, he did not go over to see Rianne. She only lives a few miles from us, but the roads were very bad and at that time, the were going to get worse as the evening progressed. She had a fit with him on the phone and is very angry. She is young and does not always think logically. Ryan told me he doesn't care if she is angry, he agreed that it was too dangerous to venture out on the roads. She has to look at the big picture and stop being so selfish. He has grown up so much since he has been away at school. She seems to still be stuck in a high school frame of mind. Sometimes I wonder if they will stay together as they mature at different rates.

Today our plans are to shovel out and I want to do some cleaning. Now that the buns are out in the shed, I can get to my desk again but I can't see the top of it and I need to clear it off. I made of crock pot of chili yesterday but we didn't eat it as we were too tired last night. We'll have that for lunch or dinner and I plan on making some cookies. It's a good day to stay inside with my family. Stay safe.

March 11, 2007

Can I hear a WOO HOO? I had my annual mammogram this week and I'm cancer free for another year! WOO HOO! I really thought this would be the year that the cancer returned. My oncologist told me to expect it to return. But I've dodged the bullet another year! I've been so tired lately. I was out of work last Thursday and Friday with some kind of flu. On Thursday, I slept 20 hours! I still don't feel up to snuff yet. I've got to back in the swing of things. I have too much to do and no time or energy to do it.

Steve seems to be getting stronger every day. He has gained weight, but so far it's not an excessive amount. He is actually enjoying food now. Something that he hasn't done for a long time. He has more energy than I do! Before, he would be the one wanting to nap all of the time.

The weather this week is supposed to be Spring like. Do you know what that means? The bunnies go out to the barn! Use your imagination to think of how stinky a tiny Cape Cod style house can get with 2 humans, 1 dog, 7 cats and 5 bunnies living it. Not pretty, is it? We have to clean out their cages later this morning before hauling them back out there. It's pouring out right not. Most of the snow is gone however the glacier in the driveway between the house and the barn was still there about an hour ago.

I invested in magnetic curtain rods and some eyelet lace curtains (Everyday Martha) at Kmart this week for the windows in doors of the barn. I had some tie dyed fabric on them before. Trust me, the curtains are much nicer. Now the barn does not look like a meth lab from the street. I had visions of walking out there at 5:00am some morning to feed the buns, bowl of kale and carrots in my hands, only to be confronted by a SWAT team. The newspaper delivery man always slows his car down when he drives by and I'm out there in the dark early morning hours. I'm sure rumors abound in the neighborhood about what is possibly going on in that little blue barn in the dark. We never did get that heater installed for the bunnies. We still plan on it, but the hill on the back of the barn has to thaw out so they can stand on it to get a vent cut in the wall.

The warmer temperatures are great for melting the snow and ice however it means another problem. It is the start of MUD season. MUD season does not affect city people. Our area is zoned as Rural Residential. There is a farm at one end of the street and another on the next street over. We have a state owned wetlands area at the other end of our street. But that end of the street is the one we use most frequently as it is the closest to our house. There are no side streets off of our street. It's just a straight shot of just about 1.5 miles. There are only 2 ways to get out of our street. The further end by the farm or the closer one in the wetlands. Problem is that the closer end is not paved. It is dirt. Or more precisely MUD at this time of year.

We have a flock of bluebirds living nearby. I haven't seen their nest, but 5 or 6 of them will swoop to the feeders at a time. Steve was feeding them mealworms for protein. I saw Robins in January this year. Temperatures later this week should be up near 70 degrees F! Crazy New England weather.

Feb 17, 2007

Steve stayed home to recuperate from the hospital stay. He saw the surgeon yesterday and was given the ok to return to work. He had 1 stitch in the incision of the chest tube that was bothering him. The doctor snipped it and it feels better. His color is still good. He seems to have more energy. And he is warmer now that his blood has more oxygen in it. And he has gained 11 pounds since his lowest weight in the hospital. He really needed to get some weight on his bones. He was down to 144 pounds while in the bed at the hospital. I think that's how much I weighed in high school! His blood sugar is still higher than normal, but he checks it diligently 3 times a day.

Today he wants to go shopping. He is in desperate need of shoes. The man has ONE pair of shoes that he wears daily. He has no sneakers but he does have an expensive pair of shoes that he wears with his ONE suit to weddings and funerals. The one pair of shoes he wears them to work and basically any time he goes outside. Needless to say, they now leak. I feel like Imelda Marcos with the pairs of shoes that I have compared to him.

He also wants to take Little Miss with us today. That's his pet name for Rianne. There is a large Goodwill store up in Norwich near the shoe store. She wants to buy some inexpensive skirts or dresses for church. I also told her that if she feels ambitious, I would help her to sew a simple skirt.
After shopping, he wants to get lunch.

He's always hungry now that he has stopped smoking. He can finally taste food. He's funny with Little Miss. I think she fills the void in him for his daughter.
Rianne was over last week and she brought him a present. She had painted a little birdhouse for him to hang outside. Feeding and watching the birds is his other hobby besides playing on the PC. Anyway, she told him that he should try to grow a beard. And guess what? He is sporting a sparse, but still filling in, goatee. Anything that she wants, he will do. She doesn't know it, but she has him wrapped around her little finger.

I have to get moving and start the weekend chores. Stay safe.